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Updated 3/1/24
Virtual Solo Competition


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*New SignUp Deadline: March 11th
*New Video Upload Deadline: April 11th*

Are you a high school woodwind, brass, percussion, string, or piano student in the US looking for an opportunity to earn up to $250 and standout from the crowd? 

If so, then the 1st Annual bNoteable Solo Competition is for you! 

Simply play and record a solo of your choice to showcase your technical and lyrical ability to our judges, edit & maintain your profile, get exposure to colleges & drum corps, win money. Keep reading to learn more. 
Cost to Enter: FREE 
Registration is currently CLOSED.
**Students must sign up by March 11th** 
Videos must be uploaded by April 11th, 11:59pm Central Standard Time.
Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Piano
For each division....
1st Place - $250
2nd Place - $150
3rd Place - $100
In addition to the competition, ALL participants who obtain at least an "All Star" badge and upload their solo video(s) will receive an exclusive promotion and advertisement by bNoteable! We will invite college directors, professors, and drum corps to view your profile and listen to your uploaded videos! This provides you with unique exposure for the possibility of music scholarships, audition invitations, drum corps offers, & more!
Read the following competition details, then click Sign Up below.

1. Competition Rules ​ • The Virtual Solo Competition is open to Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, String, and Piano students who live in the United States in grades 9-12. Participants must be age 13 or older when signing up. • The competition is FREE to enter and will also help you gain exposure to colleges and drum corps as you work towards the prize. • Past bNoteable competition winners ARE eligible to sign up and compete. • The competition starts on the launch date and ends on April 11th. Any participant who has uploaded their solo and has earned at least an “All Star” badge will be advertised to colleges and drum corps by bNoteable for free at the conclusion of the competition. To be considered for a CASH PRIZE, participants must earn an “All Star” or “Legend” badge by April 11th, no later than 11:59pm. • Participants must maintain their profile and upload a performance video (or videos) of a solo performed this year. • If there are multiple movements, students may upload each movement separately (up to three video files). If there are 4 or more movements to your solo, participants may group the movements together in any way desired in chronological order. For example, if your solo has 5 movements: - Video Upload 1: Mvt 1, Mvt. 2 - Video Upload 2: Mvt. 3 - Video Upload 3: Mvt. 4, Mvt. 5 Again, you may arrange your uploads in any way you wish as long as they are in numerical order. • The CASH prize will be in the form of an Amazon Gift Card or a general Visa / Mastercard. Participants must select either option when signing up. Prizes will be sent no later than May 7th. • Winners will be selected based on the technical and musical ability of their uploaded videos. It is advised to perform at a tempo that maintains and adheres to the original intent and integrity of the music. • Winners will be notified via email no later than April 30th. • For winners to receive their prize, bNoteable MUST receive an email from their music director verifying that their profile is accurate (to the best of their knowledge). The email must come from a legitimate school email address (not gmail, yahoo, etc), and the teacher must be currently employed. Emails should be sent to: • bNoteable will publicly announce verified winners no later than May 7th via social media. Winners agree to provide bNoteable with a promotional photo prior to May 7th. • At the discretion of the judges, bNoteable reserves the right to not pick a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winner in any division, for any reason. • While all students are worthy of a prize, participants agree that the decision of the judges are final.

2. Video Recording Rules​​ • All recordings must be made for this 2024 competition, and not taken from another competition or performance. • You may use any device of your choice such as your laptop or mobile phone. However, do not add any reverb or other sound effects. • At the beginning of each video, you must say "This is First/Last Name, performing ‘Solo Name’ for the 2024 bNoteable Solo Competition." Then, no editing, cutting, splicing, and you must complete your recording in one take.  If you have different movements for your uploads, you must state them in the following format: “This is First/Last Name, performing ‘Solo Name,’ Mvts 1 and 2 for the 2024 bNoteable Solo Competition.” Then, no editing, cutting, splicing, and you must complete your recording in one take. In between movements, you are free to empty your instrument, turn the pages, or simply take a few seconds WITHOUT STOPPING THE RECORDING before you perform the next movement. • Your face and hand position should be clearly visible in each video, the entire time. • The person performing in the video must be the same person who owns the bNoteable account. • Dress appropriately since it will make a good impression. Be mindful that colleges and drum corps staff might view your videos as well. • Each video file cannot exceed 2GB in file size. If using a mobile device be sure to record in 720p or 1080p. 4k or 8k is not necessary. If there are any issues when uploading, simply upload to YouTube and share the link in your profile. • Rename each video file to Your Name, Solo Name with movements (if any). For example, "Ryan Smith, Fandango, Mvt 1. • To be considered for a prize and for bNoteable to promote your profile, participants must perform their solo and any movements to the best of their ability without alterations.

3. Video Recording Tips​​ • Find a quiet location for your recording. There should be no other sounds or audible distractions in your recording.  • Avoid visual distractions and clutter in the background. • Dress appropriately. No, you don't have to wear a suit or fancy dress but put a little bit of effort into how you look. Avoid busy patterns and bright colors. • Remember to show your face and hand position in each video. • Be sure to watch and listen to your video before uploading it to your profile. However, you can always delete it and upload another as many times as you would like.

4. How to Enter ​ ​ • To participate, all students must click on the "Sign Up" button below.  • Fill out the information and then click submit.  • Once submitted, existing bNoteable students do not have to do anything else since they already have an account. • New users without an account must signup for a FREE bNoteable account which the system will prompt you to do.  ​ Good luck to all!

• Uploaded video files cannot exceed 2GB each. 
• If using your phone, make sure to record in 720p or 1080p. 4K is not necessary.
• If you are having trouble uploading a video to your profile, simply upload to YouTube and include the link on your profile page.
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