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Our NamE

Pronounced "be notable."
It's more than a company name.
It represents the qualities we help students achieve.
bNoteable helps music students to get into college.
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Be Proactive, Be Prepared

Start preparing for college as early as the 6th grade to get noticed by colleges. Reason is, you can start keeping track of your accomplishments early without waiting until senior year. It's that easy.
Be in Control

Like an in-person audition, we know it can be nerve-racking or scary to put yourself out there. Good news is, none of your peers can see your bNoteable profile or what you upload. Only colleges can, and remember they're viewing many profiles, not just yours. You got this! 💪
bNoteable helps music students build the confidence to showcase their talent and abilities to collges.
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bNoteable encourages all music students to showcase their true self while having fun connecting with colleges.
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It's all About You

At the end of the day, we're simply here to showcase your talent, your ability, your academics, and more. Don't be afraid to be your authentic self in the process and have fun connecting with colleges!
You Are Notable 

Everyone knows musicians are "the best of the best!" That's why we believe every student musician is notable. Therefore we want every musician to be notable.
bNoteable, because you are!
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because you are!
The bNoteable name and logo are trademarked. It may only be used by permission of bNoteable LLC.
The bNoteable® name and "b" logo are Registered Trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As such, they may only be used by permission of bNoteable LLC. Our trademarked name and logo may never be used on items, websites, or services for sale except where expressly permitted in advance, in writing by bNoteable LLC.

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