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How It Works

For Music Students

1.  Sign Up
... on any device.
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2. Edit Your Profile
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Upload information that showcases YOU the best and capture the attention of college faculty and drum corps in a visually pleasing way. Include performance videos, awards, leadership roles, academic achievements, resume, and much more! 
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3. Learn to Market Yourself
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Learn how to market yourself effectively & stand out from the crowd by using our Profile Strength Indicator, and work towards measurable goals with our integrated Profile Levels
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4. Search & Save in Our Databases
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Search, then save whatever you'd like in one location without a truckload of Google searches & cluttered bookmarks in your web browser.
  1. 1,500+ College and HBCU database with info on the general college, detailed music offerings, and useful academic information
  2. Music scholarships database
  3. Summer music camp database
  4. Drum corps database
When you save them, you can even rank them and return to them later all in one spot. We got you!  💪
Ready to work smarter, not harder to enjoy more music? 
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Top 10 FAQs
1. How old do I have to be to enroll?  
13 or older. If under 13 we must receive verified parental or guardian consent. 
2. Do I have to be enrolled in school?  
Yes, a public, private, or home school.
3. Do I have to play a musical instrument or be able to sing?  
4. Do I have to be currently enrolled in a music class (choir, band, etc.)?  
5. Do I have to major in music for college?
No. You can major in anything you'd like. 
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