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What are non-institutional scholarships? 
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When applying for these scholarships, keep these tips in mind. 

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Do not overlook scholarships with a smaller dollar amount! A scholarship of a few hundred dollars can cover costs of textbooks, music books, and other required expenses!  They add up! 

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Do not exaggerate your musical or academic achievements, grades, skills, volunteerism, etc.  Be honest and only apply for scholarships that match who you are and what you currently do (or intend to do). 

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It's easy to say "you applied for scholarships" while in truth, you only applied for one. However, we suggest going above and beyond and applying for as many as humanly possible (as in 10 to 20+)!  Remember, you're probably not the only one applying for a scholarship and the world is competitive! Chances increase you will receive more scholarship money if you apply for more scholarships. 

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Some scholarships will require you to simply fill in a questionnaire while others will require you to fill in an essay with a word count requirement and letters of recommendation.  Read everything and double check grammar and spelling! That can be the difference between getting the scholarship or losing it! 
on time
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While some scholarships are rather easy to find and apply for, others are not. Be sure to read all the fine print and details regarding deadlines.  Do not wait until the due date to upload documents at 11:55pm (with a deadline of midnight) only to find your internet is not working!  Set yourself up for success and plan well in advance. Missing the deadline will probably result in your application being disqualified which means you did a lot of work for no reason.

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In addition, one of your first steps to help pay for college should be to apply for FAFSA.

By accomplishing these simple tasks, you are increasing your chances of being awarded scholarship money!

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