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Skills Video
What is a Skills Video? 
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A skills video is a video clip (or clips) that can be included in your music highlight reel.  It includes a series of staged, music-specific performances or "play-throughs" of notable fundamentals or technique exercises outside of a formal performance setting. It's not necessary for every musician but can be a helpful way to demonstrate to colleges your technical abilities and mastery of specific skills. 


For example, it might be helpful to include a skills video of all 12 major scales, 12 natural, harmonic, and melodic minor scales, chromatic scale, etc. If you play a brass instrument, you might consider showcasing an impressive double tongue exercise of your choosing. The same might be true for advanced flute players to showcase their double tongue ability. A saxophone player might want to showcase their ability to play in the altissimo register, etc.  

You should consider the benefit of simply including a skills video so it's already thereThis way, a college can instantly gain more insight into your ability without having to ask you (which takes up more of their time) or wonder what you can  and cannot do.

Don't forget your Music Highlight Reel

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