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Music Highlight Reels

Athletes use sport highlight reels to get recruited.


You should be using music highlight reels to get recruited because it can increase the attention you receive from colleges by up to 19 times!

But wait, what is a Music Highlight Reel?

A music highlight reel (or video) is what it sounds like. It's a video that should include clips of non-public music performance footage that highlight a student's talent and ability. These reels are extremely important because they save colleges time by allowing them to easily and quickly review hundreds of potential musicians without having to visit them in person. It also helps student musicians since it would save them the hassle of having to schedule a pre-screening or audition and helps them to avoid completing numerous online applications in the hopes of maybe getting noticed by a college.  

Include a

Skills Video.

So, remember these facts...

ConnectWithColleges copy BLACK.png

Video has the ability to connect the right musician with the right college.  

Colleges Decide copy BLACK.png

It provides an objective way for colleges to decide if they're interested in talking with you. 

Advantage copy BLACK copy.png

Let's be REEL, it will give you a competitive advantage against every other musician who doesn't have one.

You can create your Music Highlight Reel
If you're busy doing stuff, let us create it for you!
Check out what we did for Gianna's Music Highlight Reel.

She informed us that her etudes and the skills demonstration were recorded using her own iPhone X in landscape mode, with no external microphone. She said her iPhone was placed on a tripod with a cellphone holder attachment, approximately 8ft away. There is no sound post-processing and everything was put together "as is" by bNoteable which is recommended for your music highlight reel.

If you choose bNoteable to make your reel, you will get the following.

ProfileCard copy BLACK.png
A summary title page that includes important, relevant information about you in a single glance.
Transitions copy BLACK.png
We use simple techniques to transition from each reel without distractions.  This is designed to eliminate confusion.
Video copy BLACK.png
We only use performance videos that you upload so you are always in control of what colleges see and hear.
Read Our 

Remember, videos you post to your profile or reels you ask us to create are...

Your Content, Your Copyrights, Your Personal Footage (not a public performance), and you tell us 100% what to do if we create it for you!

Ready to Upload Your Videos to Your Profile or Have Us Create a Reel?

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