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Connecting Student Musicians to Colleges, Conservatories, & Drum Corps
for Music Majors like violinist John, and Non Music Majors like Gianna, a Biomedical Engineering Major who loves her oboe & English horn, getting a lot of scholarship money to play her instrument!
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College Faculty
Drum Corps Staff
Regardless of your background, ethnicity, or skill level, there's finally a way for music students to create a digital portfolio to easily market themselves towards colleges & drum corps to get recruited, or to get scholarships.

For music students in

Grades 6 - 12 and College Students

(All Instruments, All Vocalists, All Color Guard)

Plan well in advance for your college education while learning to market yourself to colleges.
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Showcase your profile to colleges that represents the real you without anxiety and annoying application fees. Include your….
  • Musical Skills
  • Academic Ability
  • Leadership Skills
  • Volunteerism
  • And More!
Track and maintain a list of your significant accomplishments as early as the 6th grade. (No more scrambling your senior year).
Connect with Colleges and Drum Corps in a meaningful way.
Discover a wealth of information to make planning easier so you can enjoy more music!
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Gain a peace of mind, knowledge, and a competitive advantage that most students don't have.

COMMUNICATION is the fuel that moves life forward........bNoteable has been created as a masterful roadmap to facilitate all forms of personal and professional COMMUNICATION.  It is a positive web of COMMUNICATION where all can access the ‘magic elixir’ of connecting with like minds.” 

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
Music for All Educational Consultant
Conn Selmer Director of Education
Attitude Concepts for Today, Inc. Founder 

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How does bNoteable help every student? 
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Ready to enjoy exploring more musical opportunities?
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Build your profile for colleges & drum corps to see.
Search our databases, connect with colleges & drum corps.
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